Welcome, I am by nature a Cancerian through and through. My heart lies in a celebration of family and home. Welcoming my clients into my very own family home is such a thrill and a joy for me. Each and every one of them arrives a stranger and leaves a member of my family. What better way to celebrate families by welcoming them into the home that I grew up in. A home where my cherished memories were made and celebrated.


My home studio is a safe dedicated space specifically designed to make you feel at home from the moment you walk through the door. We have a large comfy couch for you to lay back and enjoy the experience.


We have all of the amenities available to our clients from coffee, tea and water. We also have facilities to fill and sterilise bottles and pacifiers. Everything you need to be able to care for your sweet baby.


Our studio is kept at a safe and snug temperature and will be adjusted depending on the baby's wrapped or naked and semi naked setting. We recommend wearing cool clothing as the temperature can get up to a toastie 28 degrees when baby is naked or semi naked. This is for baby's comfort.


We provide all wraps and props for your session. Some families have a little something special in mind that they would like to incorporate this is absolutely encouraged however we do ask that you let us know prior to the session so that we can get our creative brains rolling and find the perfect use for that special piece. We wash and sanitise all props, drops and outfits after each session if they were used to ensure all of our props are hygienic.


We use studio lighting in our sessions. This allows us to control and ensure consistency of lighting throughout your gallery. Our strobe is kept on the lowest setting and highly diffused this allows for soft and safe lighting. Most parents comment that they don't notice the flash at all after the first few shutters.

wooden prop