Geelong Newborn Baby boy in bed


September 1, 2020

Geelong Newborn – Baby No. 2 Elliott

When Geelong newborn parents and long time friends let me know that they were welcoming their second baby. I was thrilled. I met Dad Daniel many years ago through a mutual interest in Robert Kiyosaki.

When Daniel called me to let me know that he and his beautiful wife Jacqueline were expecting their first baby back in 2016 I was absolutely thrilled for both of them. Preston was a joy to work with and had the deepest brown hair I have ever seen. Talk about cutie pie.

Fast forward a few years and baby no.2 was on his way. Let me tell you Daniel and Jacqueline make the sweetest babies. I mean look at him! Definitely less hair than his brother but same striking looks, thats for sure.

Look at those eyes though. Elliott wasn’t missing a beat.

Newborn Baby Boy Making Eye Contact
Newborn baby Elliott  tucked up under a blanket

Geelong Newborn Session – Toddlers make for double the fun

A new baby in the family can be such a huge adjustment for toddlers. I find big brothers, in particular, can be less than interested in their baby brothers. Preston had us a little worried we might not get some sibling shots. With a little photography magic, we can always make it happen but it’s always nice to get those sweet moments in the flesh for the parents to remember.

I had taken a shot for our photography magic because Preston didn’t want to cuddle Elliott. But then whilst I was setting up for my next shot Preston came an gave his baby brother the sweetest snuggle and it was on his terms, without being prompted. Therein lies the true magic.

Big brother cuddling newborn brother  photography composite cuddle.
big brother snuggling his swaddled newborn brother

It brings me so much joy when I have the opportunity to watch families grow. What a thrill it is to see them come back again. It truly is the greatest compliment I think I could ever receive. I adore the bond I share with each and every one of the families who walk through the doors of this studio. They are all forever considered members of my family. I can not wait to watch these beautiful boys grow up. Maybe they will get an extra sibling or maybe they won’t. But what I know for certain that our journey together is not yet done. That makes me the luckiest photographer on earth.

Preston, Daniel & newborn Elliott family image
Neutral toned image of newborn baby boy side sleeping
Backlit photo of newborn baby boy.
family photo of Jacquline, newborn Elliot, Preston and Daniel
Newborn Tooshie up and all tucked in
Newborn Tooshie up pose
Mother and her sons


Hayley was wonderful while capturing beautiful images of our boys – Preston back in 2017 and Elliot last week. She was patient with Preston who wasn’t too keen on posing, to begin with, and managed to capture the spontaneity of him cuddling into Elliot which turned out to be one of my favourite images. Thank you, Hayley.