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April 21, 2022

Gender Reveal Ideas – The Best & Worst

Gender reveals have gained popularity over the last few years. I have most embarrassingly lost a vast amount of time watching genre reveals the good, bad and the ugly on tic-tok. When I was pregnant with Arizona, I never found out the gender but watching these fun gender reveals make’s me feel like I totally missed out on all of the fun.

I have compiled a list of my favourite gender reveal methods, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Best Gender Reveal Ideas

10. Scratchie reveal, everyone scratches to see! This is a great idea if you are not a huge party person or don’t want a big bang or clean up effort. Perfect for the kids or an intimate gathering or maybe just surprising the grandparents.

9. Cake cutting gender reveal. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like cake! Have a cake baked, cut a slice, and find a surprise inside. A great idea to share the love around. It’s cost-effective, inclusive and fun. Did I mention there is no pop or bang… No scared older siblings. They will be happy with the cake.

8. Scavanger Hunt! I have to be honest I am a sucker for a scavenger hunt! So is miss A, this is a great one if maybe you are having a more intimate reveal party perhaps just amongst your immediate family or perhaps older children. Send the kids on a little adventure around the house to find the missing clues. This could be a great way to tell them you are pregnant too.

7. Pitch and hit. I have seen this go in two different ways. Have the ball pitched to a party who hits the ball, and it explodes in a puff of colourful smoke. Soooo fun. I have seen the ball missed a couple of times, so make sure whoever is hitting and pitching have skills… You might have a funny tale to tell and a colourful lawn if you know what I’m saying otherwise.

6. Confetti Canons! I absolutely love the idea of these for a gender reveal. Everyone can be involved if they want to, and they get off with a bang. Make sure you know which way is up, though. Also small warning these can be a little messy to clean up but so much fun. If you are doing them outside be sure to use biodegradable fillings.

5. Powder Smoke Canister for the win! These are such a great, fun and whimsical way to find out the gender of your baby. They are safe for the whole family and the environment and don’t leave you with a big ol’ mess to clean up afterwards, and they are gorgeous to photograph!

4. Pinata is a great idea when you have a big crowd. Fill the pinata with appropriately coloured treats and bash away. A little surprise for everyone to share. Let’s be honest, and pinatas are a hit at any party.

3. Balloon archery dartboard with a number of ballons pinned to a graph alternating girl and boy. Parent’s or guests get to throw darts at the balloons that are filled with paint. One of the balloons had pink or blue. I love the messy fun that is this gender reveal. It provides artwork that can be kept as a moment and I love watching the suspense grow with every throw. So much fun!

2. Box reveal! Think up and down. You can either suspend a box from a tree or similar with a pull tab—fun to fill with balloons and confetti. Pull the string, and you’ll be showered in a sweet celebration. A word of warning, though, I have seen many boxes fall on parents’ heads which is not all bad. It certainly makes for a great story to be told for generations to come. The second method is to have the box at your feet with helium balloons inside. Open the box, and out pops those pink or blue balloons. How sweet!

1. The good ol’ balloon pop. Have a balloon filled with pink or blue confetti and have a pin handy. This is one of my favourites. It is easily accessible, cute and safe. Don’t forget to tie those balloons up nice and tight; otherwise, your gender reveal balloon may just fly away. One of my personal favourites!

Some Reveal Ideas You Might Want To Give A Miss

5. Burnout Gender Reveal. At first glance, motor enthusiasts might be super excited about this one. Whilst it definitely creates a wow moment, these particular gender reveals have been proven to be followed by some serious risks to bystanders and drivers. Proceed with caution if this is your jam.

4. Whilst gender reveals celebrations are a momentous and super happy event, sometimes the celebration goes a little too far. Here is our list of reveals you might want to think twice about. As they say… Don’t try this at home, kids!

3. Egg smashing gender reveal. This one is a little odd. You have a plate of eggs painted pink and blue. All eggs except one are hard-boiled, and the correct gender egg is raw. Family members take turns in selecting eggs to crack over their heads. It provides a comical and suspenseful reveal for sure. I’m not sure I would want to participate in the cleanup effort afterwards.

2. Fireworks.. This one seems pretty obvious considering fireworks are illegal without a pirotechnitians licence. They certainly would cause an ooh ahh reaction but they are far too dangerous to be played with without the correct knowledge so let’s leave this one to the professionals.

1. Ok this one is a little absurd and a little nasty. One mum on Instagram shared her babies gender with a fart…. I don’t think any of us need to go there!